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PV 800VAC oplossingen

PV 800VAC oplossingen

Productgroep: [73] Telergon


Lastschakelaars speciaal voor 800VAC
S6 - 250A & 630A
S5 - 1250A
S5N - 1600A & 2500A (6 polige schakelaar met common outputs)

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  Artnr. Naam VPE Bruto prijs
S5-12504ZC0P38 AC switch 1500VDC 2P 1250A Isolation only 1 st. € 752,09
S5-18003NS0 Last schakelaar S5 1800A 3P+N 1 st. € 1456,94
S5-18003PS0 Last schakelaar S5 1800A 3P 1 st. € 1238,67
S6-01602LS0P38 DC switch 1500VDC 2P 160A Isolation only 1 st. € 116,13
S6-02002LS0P38 AC switch 1500VDC 2P 200A Isolation only 1 st. € 119,28
S6-02502LS0P38 AC switch 1500VDC 2P 250A Isolation only 1 st. € 125,07
S6-04002LS0P38 AC switch 1500VDC 2P 400A Isolation only 1 st. € 206,91
S6-04003ND0 Last schakelaar S6 3P+N 400A 1 st. € 239,13
S6-04003PD0 Last schakelaar S6 3P 400A 1 st. € 222,61
S6-06302LS0P38 AC switch 1500VDC 2P 630A Isolation only 1 st. € 251,69
S6-08002LS0P38 AC switch 1500VDC 2P 800A Isolation only 1 st. € 460,15
S6-16004ZS0P38 AC switch 1500VDC 2P 1600A Isolation only 1 st. € 1412,62
ZBK85SMAH1A4 AC switch 800VAC 4P 85A 1 st. € 73,53
ZBK125SMAH1A3 Switch DIN Rail 3P 125A with direct DIN black hend 1 st. € 65,27
ZBK125SMAH1A4 Switch DIN Rail 4P 125A with direct DIN black hend 1 st. € 81,68

High-performance solutions for photovoltaic inverters 800Vac


PV continues growing globally, having reached record highs in 2020 in both economic value and capacity. Moreover, it is expected to continue growing at around 25% CAGR until 2026.   The photovoltaic energy sector is demanding increasingly efficient and innovative solutions that reduce the consumption of resources and associated costs and are more environmentally sustainable. For this reason, it is already common to find a new model the design of PV plants with 800 Vac, instead of DC. These installations have string inverters closer to the photovoltaic panels that are able to work at this voltage and offer high performance.

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